The pandemic has done what few things can accomplish- it’s made Canadians more aware of their need for hygiene. As people start going back to normal, poker is also making its way into the world without any gloves or masks necessary thanks once again to Post Poker!

Later in the Year

Last year, the World Series of Poker Circuit returned to Deerfoot Casino in Calgary. This success led them to add a second trip there this May 2022!

The PURE poker tour has arrived in Edmonton, and we are ready for its next stop. The first event of the year, hosted by “PURE Casinos,” saw some great play from all participants who battled it out until they were nothing but kings or queens left on their tables!

PURE Poker Tour Edmonton

PURE Casino Edmonton recently renovated its poker room to offer players a modern, luxurious experience. Twelve tables provide plenty of space and the latest gaming technology with Mazica tablecloths that shuffle cards every time you put them down! It is now open every day from 8 am-2 am, so come on by if this sounds like your cup of tea or want something different than what’s normally around these parts.

The action ran from 10-20 February with nine tournaments culminating in a $1,100 buy-in Main Event. The results were:

  • $330 NLHE Seniors First (Event 1): 145 entries / $41,325 prize pool / Gerald Chung won $11,415 for first place
  • $220 NLHE Turbo First Chance (Event 2): 194 entries / $36,860 prize pool / Dwayne Hillock won $7,228 for first place
  • $660 NLHE Bounty (Event 3): 306 entries / $143,820 prize pool / Allison Bullock won $31,460 for first place
  • $385 NLHE Freezeout (Event 4): 127 entries / $42,228 prize pool / Ryan Smith won $12,248 for first place
  • $330 NLHE (Event 5): 362 entries / $103,170 prize pool / Anthony Chubb won for $21,660 for first place
  • $300 NLHE Bounty (Event 6): 194 entries / $40,983 prize pool / Joe Basaraba won $10,200 for first place
  • $440 PLO Triple Stack (Event 7): 210 entries / $79,800 prize pool / Pawan Braich won $19,360 for first place
  • $1,100 NLHE Main Event (Event 8): 461 entries / $437,950 prize pool / Andy Truong won $87,390 for first place
  • $220 NLHE Turbo Last Chance (Event 9): 210 entries / $39,900 prize pool / Michael MacPhail won $9,660 for first place

While the series awarded $966,036 in prize money – just short of a million dollars.

Later in the Year

Next Up: Calgary

The PURE Poker Tour is coming to Calgary with eight official events, including satellites at various price points.

The $1,100 buy-in Main Event will highlight this action-packed pro poker festival. The starting flights have been changed from two to one, and there are no events on May 1st or 8th which means you don’t need a late registration!

  • Event 1 (28 Apr): $330 buy-in NLHE Seniors First (50 years and older)
  • Event 2 (28 Apr): $330 buy-in PPT Series Opener Turbo NLHE
  • Event 3 (28 April-1 May: $660 buy-in NLHE with $100 bounties (2 starting flights)
  • Event 4 (1-4 May): $330 buy-in NLHE (3 starting flights)
  • Event 5 (4 May): $2,500 buy-in NLHE High Roller
  • Event 6 (5 May): $770 buy-in PLO Triple Stack Bounty with $200 bounties
  • Event 7 (6-8 May): $1,100 buy-in NLHE Main Event (2 starting flights)
  • Event 8 (8 May): $330 PPT Series Ending Turbo NLHE

With satellites offering seats into the Main Event for as little as $185, there’s no better time than now to get your gaming on! There will be numerous qualifiers held this year too. Several locations, including Casino Calgary, have announced their intentions and fixtures, so make sure you don’t miss out by checking all opportunities that are available near where YOU live or work.

All the resources you need for a successful presentation are here.

Later in the Year

Players are getting a long-awaited summer break, with the final roster spots available this October and November. The PPT at Casino Yellowhead in Edmonton will run through 3 December before players return to their respective teams for pre-season training.

The PPT Player of the Series is a points race through all events on this year’s tour. finishers who land an In-The Money finish will earn you some serious bragging rights and boost your chances to take home top honours!

  • $1,650 buy-in to November Tournament of Champions
  • $350 cash for travel to TOC
  • $300 on the PURE Rewards Club loyalty card
  • $200 in PPT logo wear

The Tournament of Championship is coming to Yellowhead Casino this week! For the grand finals, each previous stop’s overall points earner will win a prize package worth over $1 thousand. But wait, there’s more – Every Main Event winner gets an additional payment for their victory: thirty-six50 TOC seats at a giveaway price ($200)! The closing ceremony takes place on Sunday evening, where we award all participants who have earned badges from competing in various events throughout these few days or weeks. All final tables begin to play Monday morning.

The PPT TOC is not only for those who have a lot of experience teaching. It’s also an excellent way to get started if you’re starting in education or maybe looking at different fields and wondering what they entail! The price tag may seem steep at first – but when considering all that comes with this package (over 20 hours of access online plus printable materials)? It’ll be worth every penny.