PokerStars Transforms Sunday Million into PKO Tournament

The Sunday Million has always been a popular tournament, but it got even better with the new progressive knockout format. Last weekend saw many players take part in an exciting andCut-throated event that will surely be emulated by other events around the poker world!

The poker world is set for an exciting few months as the 50/50 Series rolls on.

All About the Bounties

More Changes?

Kartington’s PKO tournament is a unique take on poker. It has been picking up popularity lately due largely to its progressive nature, which means players are eliminated until only one remains! -Bounty Tournaments have become popular over the years because of their enticing prizes and high stakes bases -The Karting Industry created this type specifically so they could play against each other without betting real money.

After 16 years, the PKO is finally getting some new life. PokerStars has announced that it will add bounties to its famous Sunday Million tournament starting next month!

While change is often difficult, it’s not unprecedented for Sunday Million. The poker world saw a shift in how tournaments were conducted when PokerStars allowed re-entries several years ago and then again recently with their new policy on PKO tables that have been very popular among players who prefer this type of gameplay.

More Changes?

The first-ever Sunday Million PKO was hosted by PokerStars this past weekend. The event attracted many players, and the site had trouble keeping up with demand as it is now one of their most popular games!

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More Changes?

The new PKO format from PokerStars had some other changes beginning on June 12th.

The buy-in for this course is $109, which will remain at that rate.

The PKO means that of the base $100 buy-in, half goes to the overall prize pool and the other half becomes the player’s bounty. When Player A knocks out another competitor in an elimination game, they both collect money from it while gaining more prizes for themselves as well!

Third, the poker tables have been changed so that they are now only 8-max instead of 9. This does affect strategy, but it’s not too major considering how many people play this game!

Fourth, the starting chip count will be 50k instead of 10 k in prior years.

PokerStars has introduced a new blind structure. The game starts with 200 big blinds, which are reduced by 100 every 15 minutes until level 4 when they will be gone for good and replaced by 1000 smaller injections of liquidity – players call these “blinds” as well (a term used mainly at low levels). There is also an additional 1500-seat ring worn around your wrist called the Time Bank that gives you extra playtime if necessary; up until Level 40, it was only available during final tables, but now any player who makes into heads-up can use their account’s entire monthly allocation without worry!

First Edition a Success

What luck! The first PKO Sunday Million was able to live up to its typical $1M guarantee. It turned out that the event’s success was partly thanks to some lucky players who took home big money prizes during this inaugural meetup session.

  • Number of entries: 10,235 (including 2,793 reentries)
  • Total prize pool: $1,023,500
  • Number of paid players: 1,847 (not including bounties)
  • Winner: Turko_man won $80,422 (including $29,706 in bounties)

Ways to Enter

There are other options for those who can’t afford the $109 entry fee.

If you’re looking for a way to make extra cash on your favourite game, try playing the Sunday Million Spin & Go. You’ll only need $1 – just one penny more than what it costs at registration!

Another way to get a shot at the big bucks is by playing in $11 Road To Sunday Million tournaments. Every day, there’s always one of these 16-person satellites with a $20K guarantee and tickets for first place!

The Second Chance Draw promotion is a weekly event that allows players to enter for the opportunity at $109. If you win your satellite ticket and then bust before popping the money bubble, there’s always another chance of winning!

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50/50 Series

PokerStars launched its latest 50/50 Series on June 13th, continuing through the 30th. The entire series consists of fifty tournaments, with each one costing $50!

This great opportunity to get hands-on experience with poker tournaments. And most importantly – to join the legendary winners of poker tournaments. These events run Monday through Thursday, and there’s no limit as long you can afford $50 buy-in fees!

  • #18 (20 June) 8-Max ($50K GTD)
  • #19 (20 June) PKO Monday Hustle ($75K GTD)
  • #20 (20 June) PKO ($80K GTD)
  • #21 (20 June) PKO Adrenaline ($45K GTD)
  • #22 (21 June) Tuesday Marathon ($25K GTD)
  • #23 (21 June) PKO Tuesday Highlight ($60K GTD)
  • #24 (21 June) PKO ($15K GTD)
  • #25 (21 June) 8-Max Turbo ($30K GTD)
  • #26 (22 June) Wednesday Starter ($40K GTD)
  • #27 (22 June) PKO Wednesday Hustle ($65K GTD)
  • #28 (22 June) Wednesday Special ($50K GTD)
  • #29 (22 June) Progressive Total KO ($30K GTD)
  • #30 (23 June) PKO Mini Bounty Builder High Roller ($80K GTD)
  • #31 (23 June) Thursday Rumble ($50K GTD)
  • #32 (23 June) Thursday Finisher ($40K GTD)
  • #33 (23 June) PKO ($50K GTD)
  • #34 (27 June) Monday starter ($50K GTD)
  • #35 (27 June) PKO Mini Bounty Builder High Roller ($50K GTD)
  • #36 (27 June) PKO Big Knockouts ($75K GTD)
  • #37 (27 June) PKO Chubby Monday ($80K GTD)
  • #38 (27 June) PKO Triple Threat ($30K GTD)
  • #39 (28 June) Tuesday Grind ($30K GTD)
  • #40 (28 June) PKO Tuesday Unique ($65K GTD)
  • #41 (28 June) PKO Tuesday Cooler ($50K GTD)
  • #42 (28 June) Progressive Total KO ($15K GTD)
  • #43 (29 June) Wednesday Marathon ($25K GTD)
  • #44 (29 June) PKO ($12.5K GTD)
  • #45 (29 June) PKO Chubby Wednesday ($65K GTD)
  • #46 (29 June) PKO Last Player Standing ($35K GTD)
  • #47 (30 June) Thursday Starter ($40K GTD)
  • #48 (30 June) Thursday Highlight ($40K GTD)
  • #49 (30 June) PKO Thursday Cooler ($50K GTD)
  • #50 (30 June) PKO Series Wrap-Up ($35K GTD)

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